At SA Gold Traders we specialise in Bullion whether it be the beautiful range of PAMP Suisse range of products to Perth Mint Products or locally produced bullion SA Gold Traders are able to supply your bullion needs.

If you’re a first time investor SA Gold Traders are only too happy to walk you through the process and explain how the bullion industry works and show you the benefits of the types of bullion available.

Here are the frequently asked questions from our customers:

How do SA Gold Traders work out the price on my jewellery?

At SA Gold Traders we receive the world spot price from the New York Stock Exchange daily in ounces we convert this to grams then weigh your items in grams and test your jewellery for its gold content and pay you accordingly. It’s that simple.

How do I get paid?

SA Gold Traders for your security and ours will pay you a cash cheque which we have arranged with our bank for you to cash instantly.

Do I need Identification?

Yes by law we require photo ID or 100 points of identification.

You are also required to be 18 years old to sell you items.

My insurance valuation states my rings worth $2000 will I get $2000 for it?

No, insurance valuations in many cases are time loaded, that means the valuer adds a percentage of the dollar value to allow for the replacement of your item in the future allowing for inflation. At SA Gold Traders we pay for the fine gold content in your jewellery.

My ring has a large stone will I get paid for it?

Yes! SA Gold Traders now pays for diamonds offering a fair price based on jewellery industry standards

How can I know what carat my gold is?

Gold Jewellery should be carat stamped, which means that 9ct gold should have a stamp of 9ct or 9k or 375 stamped on the item. 18ct Gold will have 18ct, 18k or 750 stamped on the jewellery piece. 22ct will have 22ct, 22k or 916.

What is the fine or pure gold content in my jewellery?

9 carat gold is 37.5% pure gold, 18 carat is 75% pure gold, 22 carat is 91.6% pure gold and 24 carat is pure gold.

I paid $1000 for my ring I should get paid $1000 for it, is that right?

When a piece of Jewellery is priced for retail it includes all the businesses overheads. Like labour, staff wages, rent, insurance etc. At SA Gold Traders we pay for the fine/pure gold content in your jewellery.

What type of bullion is there?

Bullion comes in two basic types Certified and Uncertified.

Certified bullion is easily recognised throughout the world and is traded without question. For example, Perth mint products and PAMP Suisse products are Certified.

Uncertified bullion is bullion made by private mints within Australia and whilst recognised amongst the trade in Australia it may not be recognised overseas.

How do I buy Bullion?

There are two ways to buy bullion:

1. Visit our buying and trading office located at Suite 423-38 Gawler place, Adelaide and pay over the counter with cash.

2. Transfer funds via bank transfer into SA Gold Traders business account, you then contact us by phone or email letting us know that you have wired funds, once the funds have cleared we will contact you and place the order that day. Any left over funds will be credited back to your account.

Do I pay GST on Bullion?

The Australian Taxation Office classes Bullion of 99.5% pure and above as investment grade and therefore has no GST.

Should I buy Cast or Minted Bullion?

Minted Bullion is pressed from sheet and stamped with a die similar to making a coin. They are usually of a very high standard and usually command a slightly higher price.

Cast bars are poured into a mould after the bars have cooled they are stamped and depending on the maker individually serial numbered.

What size bullion should I purchase?

SA Gold Traders will go out of our way to help you source the bullion for your exact needs. As a general rule larger bars are cheaper to buy because of their lower production costs, however if your view is to use your investment as a transactional basis (say during a financial collapse) then having some smaller ingots would be a wise move.

With this in mind you could spread your investment with large and small bars.

How long does it take to get bullion after have placed the order?

Depending on stock levels you can walk away with bullion on the day you visit us. If the certain bullion you are after is out of stock you can pre order by paying for the bullion on the day at a locked in price. When it arrives we will contact you to arrange pick up from our trading office. Please contact us for availability.

How Do I know my bullion is what it says it is?

SA Gold Traders have been apart of the precious metal industry since 1988 and deal with some of Australia’s leading precious metal vaults.

SA Gold Traders are authorised Perth Mint Distributors, because we passed the rigorous selection process. You can trust the Perth Mint Logo on display.

Why hasn’t my financial planner told me about gold and silver?

To put it simply, they make money and commissions from stocks and bonds and exchange traded funds it’s therefore not in there best interest to tell you.

Can I purchase Bullion with my Self Managed Super Fund?

Yes Self Managed Super funds (SMSF) are able to purchase Bullion.

The process is the same as a private purchase except the invoice is made out to the superfund. You may be required to take out extra insurance to cover your purchase. Check with your insurance company and Trustee.

How does your FREE Parking work?

For all our customers, please bring your valid car park ticket when you come into our office and we’ll pay you for your first hour of car parking.

NOTE: ALL Adelaide CBD car parks will be honoured.

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