We Purchase ALL Precious Metals In ANY Form

Bring us your precious metals, however they come, and we’ll pay you top dollar for them.

This includes gold jewellery, silver jewellery, platinum jewellery and any broken pieces or items you no longer need or wear. We also buy coins and bullion for great prices. We now also buy diamonds in unwanted jewellery, offering a fair price based on jewellery industry standards.

Get paid cash* for any of the following;

Scrap Gold Jewellery

Broken Gold Jewellery

9kt – 22kt Gold Jewellery

Gold Bars & Ingots

Silver Bars & Ingots

Gold Nuggets

Gold Krugerrand Coins

Gold Sovereign Coins

Silver Bullion Coins

Scrap Silver Jewellery


SA Gold Traders is the only gold buyer to openly show all calculations to you and use the latest XRF testing equipment and government certified scales.

Frequently asked questions for

gold and jewellery buying

How do SA Gold Traders work out the price on my jewellery?

At SA Gold Traders we receive the world spot price from the New York Stock Exchange daily in ounces we convert this to grams then weigh your items in grams and test your jewellery for its gold content and pay you accordingly. It’s that simple.

How do I get paid?

SA Gold Traders for your security and ours will pay you a cash cheque which we have arranged with our bank for you to cash instantly.

Do I need Identification?

Yes by law we require photo ID or 100 points of identification.

You are also required to be 18 years old to sell you items.

My insurance valuation states my rings worth $2000 will I get $2000 for it?

No, insurance valuations in many cases are time loaded, that means the valuer adds a percentage of the dollar value to allow for the replacement of your item in the future allowing for inflation. At SA Gold Traders we pay for the fine gold content in your jewellery.

My ring has a large stone will I get paid for it?

Yes! SA Gold Traders now pays for diamonds offering a fair price based on jewellery industry standards

How can I know what carat my gold is?

Gold Jewellery should be carat stamped, which means that 9ct gold should have a stamp of 9ct or 9k or 375 stamped on the item. 18ct Gold will have 18ct, 18k or 750 stamped on the jewellery piece. 22ct will have 22ct, 22k or 916.

What is the fine or pure gold content in my jewellery?

9 carat gold is 37.5% pure gold, 18 carat is 75% pure gold, 22 carat is 91.6% pure gold and 24 carat is pure gold.

I paid $1000 for my ring I should get paid $1000 for it, is that right?

When a piece of Jewellery is priced for retail it includes all the businesses overheads. Like labour, staff wages, rent, insurance etc. At SA Gold Traders we pay for the fine/pure gold content in your jewellery.

How does your FREE Parking work?

For all our customers, please bring your valid car park ticket when you come into our office and we’ll pay you for your first hour of car parking.

NOTE: ALL Adelaide CBD car parks will be honoured.

Check out the Cash for Gold Video here to

see the process in action

We offer top prices daily, so call or drop in to have your jewellery evaluated for free!
* Cash is not held on our premises. When you sell us your gold, silver, diamonds or precious metals to us we will give you a cash check that you can immediately deposit or exchange for cash at your bank.
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