Why is the price of gold rising?

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Why is the price of Gold rising?

There are a few factors to consider;

  • China and India’s economies are growing faster as they produce more than western nations
  • Western nations are becoming debt nations, especially the U.S.
  • America is printing more money to cover this debt which causes inflation and decreases the purchasing power of the dollar

Smart investors and countries are buying precious metals; more is explained in the video below.

Gold price video ==> ABC World News: Gold Prices Up

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  • Belinda Smith

    So how high do you think Gold & Silver will go? Is it too late to start to invest?

  • Lee Chapman

    Hello Belinda
    the price of gold is high because investors have lost trust in stocks and are buying gold as a safe investment this demand causes the price to rise, 2nd China is buying gold to protect against the falling US dollar China bought 3500 tons of gold in 2010 alone and south korea bought 25 tons recntly, these facts alone drive up the price,

    gold will continue to rise because of the US downgrading so buying physical gold now is still a good investment because the Down grading of the US dollar will cause inflation world wide because all commodities ie oil, wheat,corn, corn etc are all priced in US dollars,

    Just make sure that you buy when the price dips to save money , hope this helps
    Lee Chapman



  • Lee Chapman

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  • Etan

    is it possible that u buy gold outside of AU?
    and what will be the price and procedures?