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Interview on Life FM – Company Overview


Q. What’s SA Gold Traders all about?

“SA Gold Traders is a family owned and operated business.

I entered the jewellery trade at 18, thought it would be a great way to attract ladies, well it worked for my wife. No but seriously, I worked my way through the industry in all areas from diamond setting, jewellery manufacture, refining and retail in some of Adelaide’s leading jewellery houses.

I also owned and operated a jewellery manufacturing and repair business that business has now turned into SA Gold Traders were we specialise in buying and recycling precious metal as well as hosting gold parties.”

Q. How does SA Gold Traders work out the price for my gold?

“Well… It’s a bit complicated, but work with me…

Each Day I receive the world gold price from the NYSE, in Ounces.

I convert it to grams.

I test your jewellery for precious metal content, because most jewellery is not pure gold.

I weigh it in front of you, on certified scales, very important.

And pay you a percentage of the world gold price…. after I take out our overheads…which are very low because I am on the fourth floor.”

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