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Your Money and Your Mindset

hosted by Lorwai TAN

Interview with Lee Chapman from SA Gold Traders on 18th October 2011

“I figured that most people who are interested in taking care of their financial futures would have some idea of residential property or the stocks and shares as investment vehicles.

So, I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to an expert in this area that is less familiar to most people. The information Lee generously shared was gold (pardon the pun), and a bit sobering.


We live in volatile economic times.

Unfortunately due to the lack of self education, most people surrender the growth and protection of their financial capital to the so called experts. And sometimes it ends in tears (think Bernie Madoff in the US and Fincorp in Australia).

However, what should be encouraging for anyone contemplating gold and silver as potential investments is the small amounts of cash needed to get you started.

As Lee explains, “As little as $1000 will get you on the road to wealth”.

So think about it, if you forego the Friday evening pizza, coke and DVD for a couple of months that spare cash could easily be diverted to your fledgling investment fund.

What was also an eye opener was the fact that people from all walks of life are Lee’s clients. He said, “I have had 17 to 70 year olds and CEOs in pin stripes to blokes coming off the construction sites walk in to buy gold and silver”. And ladies, you do not have to feel intimidated because his business is a female friendly place. Remember, our future is on our hands and nobody cares more about your money than you. Invest wisely!”

-Lorwai Tan

Your Money and Your Mindest

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